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Remains Sharp During Though Duties

Discover the tough PDC cutters!


Superior Cutter Technology (SCT) is stepping toward establishment of a business for design, manufacture and marketing a new generation of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) cutters, which can lead the fixed cutter drilling products toward higher performance. The composite material exhibits extreme hardness, high compressive strength, high thermal conductivity and excellent toughness characteristics. PDC cutter is the most important component of fixed cutter drill bits, which dominates 60% of the drill bit market by volume and used in oil and gas well drilling process.


SCT strategy is to provide the global market with premium cutters at reduced price, while SCT’s quality will be the leading edge throughout the cutter industry.



SCT extra top quality PREMIUM cutters would be accessible thanks to great successes achieved during lengthy R&D efforts, concluded to a modified HPHT and finishing processes

Cutter value builds a major portion of PDC drill bit finished cost and bit industry is highly sensitive to cutter price. Premium cutter from SCT will improve drill bit manufacturers competitiveness significantly.

Upon successful execution of SCT business plan, the acquired know-how will be utilized to establish the first production plant for manufacture of quality cutters in Canada.



A different approach, using a new method of manufacturing.

The main challenge is within material science & engineering to achieve unique characteristics in final product, which exhibit extreme resistance to abrasion and impact during drilling. SCT will be on par with best of the market and in many applications, outperforms the best. 



A highly experienced team of engineers and entrepreneurs under direct supervision of M.R.Abbasiamjad, the team leader, gathered together 17 years ago and established a company for design and manufacture of equipment used in oil well drilling and oil& gas production including wellhead equipment, X-mas tree and drill bits. ...

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